Major services

There are two main types of services: minor and major. So, what are the differences?

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Major services

Let’s face it, most of us dread having to book our vehicles in for a major car service because of the inconvenience and the cost, but if we keep postponing the inevitable and think that we can do it next month or next payday.

The problem with this approach is that we can end up requiring a major car repair service instead of a major car service, which will cost a lot more than the service. So, it really pays to make the effort and book your car into Wicks, your local Eltham car mechanic, for regular services.

There are two main types of services: minor and major. The intervals between major services are longer, and there are usually one or two minor services in between them. This pattern should be continued even after the warranty period has expired to ensure the life of your vehicle.

 Major services generally, includes all minor service inspections, plus:

  • Engine check
  • Lights check
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Air-conditioner filter check
  • Brake fluid and brakes check
  • Coolant flush
  • Transmission service
  • Wheel alignment
  • Windscreen wiper replacement
  • Suspension check
  • Repack wheel bearings
  • Full-vehicle inspection and correction of any issues
  • Tuning if necessary


Some high-wearing components such the battery, windscreen wipers, light globes and tyres can deteriorate or fail between services, so it’s worth giving them a quick visual check once a month. Also check fluids such as oil, radiator coolant, windscreen washer and brake fluid, as well as the air pressure in your tyres to stop them wearing out too quickly and costing you money.

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